Our Classrooms


It is Dawn of Education’s mission to provide a high-quality education that fosters excellence in academic learning, establishes strong character & self-esteem and develops attitudes & skills essential for lifelong success.

Each of our age groups from infants to Pre-Kindergarten has a curriculum that will allow your child to grow and flourish as they move from age group to age group. Here is a list of a portion of academics that your child will experience as they grow:

INFANTS: (Rainbow and Yellow Room – ages 6 weeks to 1 year). You can expect lots of cuddling, rocking and playful interaction from our loving caregivers. Helping them grow and develop is rewarding for our staff!

INFANT/ TODDLER: (Purple Room – ages 12-18 months). These young students will begin learning their basic colors and shapes through fun activities. Your child will also be developing their fine motor and gross motor skills.

YOUNG TODDLERS: (Orange Room and Brown Room – ages 18 months – 2 years.) Your child will begin learning their numbers up to 10, colors, shapes, letters and a wide variety of teacher planned lessons which will expand their vocabulary skills. Your child will be engaged in activities that will develop their fine motor and gross motor skills for these active learners.

OLDER TODDLERS: (Green Room – ages 2 till preschool age appropriate) Lessons are designed to continue colors, letters, shape, and numbers up to 20 along with Math skills in sorting and classification. We introduce your child to our Homework Program designed to expand their vocabulary and provide the early foundation of reading and writing skills. Daily lessons in calendar are introduced.

PRESCHOOL: (Red Room) Our preschool program provides a more structured academic learning environment. Your child will be engaged in teacher directed lessons and hands on activities which provide a wide range of academic content. Our Homework Program initiates public speaking and sentence structure. Daily instruction includes language arts, calendar, pre-reading, and writing lessons. Social studies and science are also incorporated. Preschool Math includes number recognition up to 50 and the use of hands on activities that promote learning of abstract concepts.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN: (Blue Room) Our advanced curriculum engages our Pre-K students with a Kindergarten curriculum. Academics are extended from our Preschool program by promoting phonics, introduction to reading, daily writing, and calendar lessons. Math includes number recognition up to 100 and engages students with addition and subtraction, skip counting and algebra. Our Homework Program continues public speaking skills and sentence structure, math homework and writing packets.