Private Pre-K Program

Prepare your child for Kindergarten in a nurturing and fun environment.

Enrollment has started for the coming school year!

Pre-K Program

At Dawn of Education, we strive to prepare students for Kindergarten in a nurturing and fun environment, that is also convenient for parents who have older students attending
Pinecrest Academy.

Our classroom environment harbors purposeful play, so children can learn through age-appropriate play. They “play to learn/learn to play”. This early childhood philosophy puts an emphasis on student development – intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Being in our program is a definite plus when preparing your child for Pinecrest, however, no priority enrollment for Kindergarten is given. Students who have older siblings already attending will have priority enrollment, otherwise, students must enter the Pinecrest lottery for Kindergarten.


3-5 years old

Students must be 3 years old by September 30th of that school year and must be fully potty-trained.


8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

(Carloop drop off begins at 7:40, same as
the elementary school). Due to Nevada early childhood requirements, preschool-aged children cannot join school-aged children in before and after care programs.

Tuition & Enrollment Fee:

$885 Monthly Tuition $200 Enrollment Fee

Fill out the registration form and locks down the space for your kid with our non-refundable Enrollment/Registration Fee. We will have no more than 15 students to 2 staff.


Lunch, water, 2 snacks

Students bring their own lunch, water and 2 snacks. We provide matching lunch boxes and backpacks for the students as well at a low cost to families.


Similar to the ones the students wear at Pinecrest

The top must be blank (no Pinecrest Logo). Bottoms follow the same guideline as Pinecrest requirements. e have Dawn of Education Spirit Shirts available with our logo to be worn with jeans or black bottoms each Friday!

Enrollment has started for the coming school year!

Do you have any question? Contact us or Enroll your kid today!

225 Grand Cadence Drive Henderson, NV 89015